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The Beer Engine is a project decades in the making.

Beer Engineers Dale Gould & Oliver Smith met over lunch one day to discuss what to do in a post-lockdown world. The rest they say, is history.

Long has beer been an integral part of New Zealand society, but it was only recently that people were able to turn the hobby and passion of home-brewing, and home-distilling into a profession. For all the shiny new breweries that pop up across the country every year, there are countless more budding brewers and beer heads sitting on recipes and ideas - restricted only by a heaving market and limited production spaces of the right size.

Oliver & Dales idea seeks to create a platform, from which these ideas and visions can be realized. By creating a maker space - of a size that is useable by both established brands looking to play, and aspiring homebrewers looking to take the next step, as well as a dedicated retail and bar space to showcase the products of these ventures - The Beer Engine was born.

Expect to see some familiar names grace these hallowed walls, as well as some names you haven't heard in a long time, as well as never before seen products, from brand new producers waiting to get their ideas out into the world.

an immersive craft beer experience

With an aim to present the products we sell, with the same passion and care of those who made it - we pride ourselves on being host to the premium beer experience in the region.

Contract Brewery

The taphouse in titahi bay

Our Taphouse has been designed with the beer lover in mind. Built to showcase the beautiful products that come from our brewery, and the brands that we work with. You’ll find no finer craft beer experience this side of the hills.

Allow us to transport you to another world, free of all your inhibitions and worries. Tucked away on Whitehouse Road in the picturesque Titahi Bay, the bar houses 8 taps that cycle through some of the finest small batch beers available in the country, as well as 3 handpumps soon to be in operation. We have a small range of spectacular New Zealand Wines, locally made gins, non-alcoholics and more.

Enjoy it all in our cosy 20 seater Taproom, or feel free to perch inthe fuel room - which houses our 300L Brewkit and Laboratory. We also have additional seating in our courtyard, a wee sun-trap tucked out the back, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the mall.

We are of course Child friendly, and implore you to bring your furry friends - we have more facilities than most, to make them feel as welcome as their humans.


the maker space

Commercial brewers looking just to tinker or take the second step, Community groups looking for their own one-off products and even really big Weddings, The Beer Engine can help you make your ideas into a reality. Our brewers and hydromechanic tech can help with recipe and product development including sourcing, manufacture and finishing. If you are really serious, further steps can be arranged!


We're all about Local

All our tap products are either made in house or sourced from local small producers and makers.

Our Gin is sourced just up the coast from a distillery in kapiti and all of our wines are from small New Zealand producers.

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we've partnered up with one of the finest cafes in the city. tbay cafe's burgers and brunches are stuff of legend, and pair perfectly with our delicious wares.

We're only A 4 minute walk from the surf and sand of Titahi bay. there is nothing easier than going for a swim, then washing away the salt with a pint.

View the titahi bay surf cam
Let's all work to get people to drink more good beer, so if someone walks into your office and says he drinks Corona, don't immediately call him a dickhead.
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